USM Core Values


HATI (Harmony, Accountability, Transparency, Integrity)

Core Values USM

Harmony: realising the differences or diversity between elements but still running together and giving each other reciprocity to achieve the goal.

Accountability: maintaining conformity between implementation and standard implementation procedures and measurable outputs and outcomes.

Transparency: being open in carrying out every activity within the organisation.

Integrity: committed to consistently maintaining honesty and compliance with values, principles, and ethics in all situations.



HATI (which means Heart in English), representing the Symbol of Love and which is a vital organ. Every lecturer, education staff, and student of Semarang University always carry out activities with sincerity, leading to success, which is reflected in the colour Gold.

The heart shape with curved lines gives the impression of elegance and flexibility, meaning that the organisation is always faced with challenges that must be faced with grace and responsible flexibility.

The palm of the hand with the thumb and index finger supporting the heart represents every activity in the organisation that is carried out with love and compassion, requiring a strong foundation that can move in the direction desired by the organisation.

The hand that features the thumb and index finger represents the symbol of a leader who can show the right policy direction. The thumb is the main and parent finger of the other four fingers and is usually synonymous with approval. The direction of organisational policy set by the leader is always followed by all ranks and the index finger represents the granting of freedom for anyone to dare to express opinions that can be accounted for.

The background colour is Red and White, the red and white colour here is the symbol of the Republic of Indonesia. All activities, hard work, and dedication are dedicated to the progress of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.


    1. Gold colour means Achievement, Success, and Victory
    2. Blue means Professionalism, Intelligence, and Trust, and which is a USM colour
    3. Red colour means Strength, Passion, and Courage
    4. White has the meaning of Sincerity, Freedom, and Openness